A woman with arms in the arm free from broken chains - representing the lamb breaking us free from chains

Lion and the Lamb – Music Monday Musings #4

When Lion and the Lamb by┬áLeeland was introduced in our church, I fell in love with it both musically and lyrically. For the former, it’s quite catchy as it follows the pattern of most modern Christian Music – starting off slow then the tempo takes off in...

Different social media icons to illustrate social media blackout - facebook, pinterest, youtube, twitter, instagram, google plus, rss feeds

Why The Temporary Social Media Blackout and Announcement?

I’ve noticed a growing trend in people giving up* social media for a short period of time, like a month or so, usually because it’s time-consuming and they’re neglecting the real world. To top things off, many make an announcement before their temporary exit leading to lots...

Weekly meal plan and shopping list from The Growing Mum

Weekly Meal Plan Featuring Fish – Week 8

I am not entirely sure why this week’s plan has a fish-theme! I have allowed one last pancake indulgence for now even though I was meant to steer clear of it. What’s on the menu? What are you cooking this week? If you are looking for inspiration,...