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Christmas Gift Ideas – Prestige Christmas Hampers 

I remember a time when planning Christmas gifts was a doddle. I had a list for everyone and acquired items throughout the year to make the most of good deals. After having a baby, I somehow seem to have no time for any adulting. This year I...

Alternative Halloween Activities

Last week as I picked up the little one from Nursery, I spotted the notice on the board requesting that kids should come dressed up as a Halloween character on the 31st of October. My heart sank for a couple of reasons: Lack of desire or time...

Independence Day – Why am I not celebrating? 

Nigeria celebrates her birthday today but I’m not feeling particularly festive. I was born there but I’ve since lived in 2 other very different countries so maybe my patriotism is all over the place. Or perhaps it’s because I’m not currently living there. Actually it’s probably, well definitely,...

Breastfeeding Duration - The Growing Mum

End of the Breastfeeding Era! 

13 months and 5 days of Breastfeeding! I would have gone on much longer but due to reasons I’ll reveal at a later date, I just could not cope with the drain anymore so I went for the quick stop method. I think he sensed it coming...

Family Fridays number 2

Family Fridays #2

We went for our statutory morning walk. Daddy had taken the pram to work so I had to use a carrier with Baby E. Thank goodness he’s a skinny 10 month old! Unfortunately I didn’t take any usable pictures on our walk which is so unlike me....

GroVia One - The Growing Mum

Cloth Nappy Review – GroVia ONE

I asked the ladies in my phone to recommend an easy night nappy as changing 2-parters in the middle night whilst barely awake, was not going well. They all said: GroVia ONE. So I bought a preloved one to try when a good deal came up. I paid...

Baby E Yoga Pose

How do I find time for my spiritual wellbeing? 

It’s time to put my hand up and confess: I struggle miserably to look after my spiritual soul. Most days, God-thoughts fleet across my mind, but are filed under the “I’ll focus on you later” section. Before you know it, I’ve slumped into bed, spent too long...

Baby E and Holly the cat stare

Family Fridays #1

Filling in my maternity leave form, I was certain I’d be ready to go back to work around the 6 months mark (I was so wrong) but I was undecided on the full-time or part-time. I returned to after 10 months of maternity leave and I requested...

Lego busy

Too Busy to Blog?

I’ve wanted to blog for a very long time and I’ve even started a few free blogs but they didn’t last. I imagine my experience is nothing new. I found a niche, started writing about, lost steam and carried on with the rest of my life. Looking...

Daddy and Baby E - The Growing Mum

Daddy Down, One Dose of Sleep Needed. Stat.

After his 2 weeks of paternity flew by I always tried to maximise the sleep he got so he could run function at work and keep bringing home the bread. Example, I would be the one going in to soothe the little one in the nursery every...

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