How do I find time for my spiritual wellbeing? 

It’s time to put my hand up and confess: I struggle miserably to look after my spiritual soul. Most days, God-thoughts fleet across my mind, but are filed under the “I’ll focus on you later” section. Before you know it, I’ve slumped into bed, spent too long on social media and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open let alone engage in a fulfilling time of devotion. 

I’m either too busy to take time out or, if I’m having a breather, I’m too tired to switch off, clear my mind and focus on something so precious. These are just some of my excuses. I long for change but I’ve been down the ‘change’ road so many times before. I implement all my grand ideas at once then they quickly flop because I’ve overstretched myself and I’ve relied on my own strength.  So this time, I’m going to try a new approach.

What does this entail? Well, I often find myself multi-tasking throughout the day, like packing lunch whilst eating breakfast or listening to music while at work.  So why not say a little prayer while doing the washing up? Instead of having Radio 1 in the background, I could get my cleaning boogie on to awesome uplifting gospel music. Essentially, as I can’t find 10 minutes or so to have some quiet time then I’m bringing the quiet time to my busyness.
What about when looking after the kids? Perhaps read the Bible out loud. I’m always trying to surreptitiously use my phone and give them my undivided attention (not successfully). This way, I can use my phone for something edifying if I don’t have the paper version to hand. Even Children’s Bible/Bible stories can be meditates on. You just have to:

Now that the strategy’s decided, how will it look like in my day-to-day schedule?

Typical Weekday

– Woken up by son, wash and dressed both of us.

Not sure I can fit anything in here as he’s full of beans and demands interaction 

– Breakfast and lunch packing

I usually have the radio on so swap pop chart for gospel bangers

– Rush out the house and journey to work

I usually get a lift so there’s last minute bag sorting,  hair taming & generally trying to look respectable –  may not have time here

– Nursery drop off, walk to work

I could pray as I walk to work or listen to some Praise & Worship 

– Working hours with lunch break

Read a verse during lunch

– Nursery pick up, walk to hubby for lift home

Unlikely to get a chance here

– Journey home

Catch up with hubby and Baby E so unlikely here too

– Get dinner ready, eat, prep for the next day, washing up

Gospel music in the background. Talk about my verse with Hubby

– Bedtime routine for little one

Involves reading a Bible story – try not to just go through the motions when reading

– Downtime before bedtime for big ones

See if I can incorporate listening to a sermon on podcast with whatever I’m doing

– Awake in the wee hours

Read a verse

There are a myriad of changes I could introduce, like, picking up my Bible at before bedtime instead of my phone first but baby steps for now.
Do you also struggle to find restful moments during the day? How do you make time for meditation?



  1. Spirtual or otherwise everyone needs to make sure they look after their own wellbeing. The stresses of daily life often mean we forget about our mental health, forget to relax and forget about whats truly important to us or indeed to those around us

  2. I can never find worship music I like. A friend from church lent me a pile of CDs and I didn’t like a single one! Perhaps you could blog some recommendations? As for finding time, I have liked using an app called Pray as you Go. It’s a bit twee but it’s a good 11 minute daily study and reflection.

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