How do I find time for my spiritual wellbeing? 

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  1. Jono says:

    Spirtual or otherwise everyone needs to make sure they look after their own wellbeing. The stresses of daily life often mean we forget about our mental health, forget to relax and forget about whats truly important to us or indeed to those around us

  2. We moms have a bad habit of forgetting about our own well being and it adds extra stress to our day that we don’t need. We all deserve to take some time outs throughout our day to look out for our own well being.

  3. Sophia says:

    I think finding time for ourselves is something we all need to do more. Whether it’s for the reasons you want to prioritise, or just finding a bit more time each day to put ourselves first.xo

  4. I have neglected my spiritual life for sometime too. I need to find my way back.

  5. I can never find worship music I like. A friend from church lent me a pile of CDs and I didn’t like a single one! Perhaps you could blog some recommendations? As for finding time, I have liked using an app called Pray as you Go. It’s a bit twee but it’s a good 11 minute daily study and reflection.

  6. Making time for our inner self is important. It is tough with ever changing priorities but working through where it can fit in your new life will find the answer

  7. Sarah says:

    great tips for finding time for reflection and thought. such an important thing that is so often neglected

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