Too Busy to Blog?

Lego busy

I’ve wanted to blog for a very long time and I’ve even started a few free blogs but they didn’t last. I imagine my experience is nothing new. I found a niche, started writing about, lost steam and carried on with the rest of my life. Looking back, I definitely had the time to create awesome posts and make something out of my writing but never got there.

What went wrong? What on earth am I thinking starting a “non-free” blog when my life is only going to get more hectic? Why didn’t my fear of failure kick in sooner and stop me? Well, I think my desire to discover my abilities outside of keeping a wee human alive had kicked in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my child immensely and I appreciate it is a full-time job involving both body and mind but I needed to find a “for me” activity and somehow fit it in.  I ploughed myself into social media management for my church with a bit of graphics design mixed in. It did the job at first but posts scheduling can only provide so much fun. I went back to the drawing board and came up with other ideas such as online business or service but hold on anything online would need a blog right? The blocks appeared aligned:

Motivation. Check.

Means. Check.

Moment. Check.

(The last one would probably be clearer as “Opportunity” but that doesn’t start with an ‘M’ now does it?)

I was all set to begin or so I thought. What followed was months wasted in niche considerations,  name deliberations and the like.  The busyness was winning again as I had to prepare for returning to work etc.  My mind got cluttered (or messy to follow the M theme) and let’s not mention the state of my house. Then my husband quietly announced that he was going to start his online venture. I started this blog the next day. Turns out, I just don’t like losing and it was my idea first! 

I quickly drafted some posts so I didn’t start with nothing to entertain my future readers but I naively assumed that once I’d acquired the blog, the layout will magically transfer from my mind to the screen. I drafted in some help from hubby as there was no way my mind would focus enough to tweak html at 10pm.

It’s already taking over my every second. I love it but I’m conscious about not being 100% there in real life. Good thing I love learning as there’s a lot to get my head round about having a presence online. Will the motivation and passion last? Time will tell. In my case that’s 3 years going by my hosting duration.

In one of my ‘letter’ sessions, I came up with the three ‘A’s below to help me focus on what was important. This blog is the accountability part.

Appreciate – Love the positives in my life or more holistically, count my blessings!

Action – set a realistic but regular schedule to work towards my goals

Accountability – document progress (or lack of it) somewhere to focus my mind


    1. The Growing Mum

      Very true. That’s why I’ve shifted the focus of my blog from making money initially until I get a routine going. Then I can sit back and let it roll with minimum effort Well, that’s the dream anyway.

  1. The Daisy Pages

    I’ve experienced something similar. My first blog was, shall we say, a “practice run”….my second blog is much more me….it’s just a matter of keeping going, I think, and finding a niche that you’re passionate about. I’ll be interested to follow your journey x

  2. I think if you can just keep plodding along and not give yourself such a hard time when you miss a week (or two) it helps you to keep going! It should fun though, but unfortunately, us Mums like to do everything perfectly don’t we! Good luck!

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