Black Friday Sale Wishlist for Toddler – 2017

Black Friday Sale 2017 Wishlist for Toddler - The Growing MumIn previous years, I haven’t been attracted by the Black Friday sales as I’ve never found the deals to be that great. It appears to be gaining more momentum in the UK and this year I am struggling to find some child-free shopping time so I decided to make a list and watch out for the items I need during the sale. This way, I already know the prices beforehand so I can spot a good deal. Also there’s the added bonus of blissfully shopping online without having to chase a toddler who has decided to run out of the shop mid-payment :O

My 2017 Black Friday Wishlist

  1. Gro Egg 2
    With the weather is getting colder, I am starting to obsess about the temperature of little one’s room so a thermometer that can be read in the dark seems like a logical solution. Apparently Gro Egg 2 is a new improved version of the current model that is on sale so fingers crossed there is sale on it too.
    Gro Egg Nursery Room Thermometer
  2. Sleeping Suit (with legs)
    Our night-time gear consists of a vest, a sleepsuit and a quilt but some nights he ends up on top of the quilt so I am contemplating getting a sleeping bag. We tried one a long time ago and he hated the restriction so I am on the lookout for a sleeping bag with legs like this one from Jojo or this the one below by Slumbersac. Other half is still not convinced so I might get a “normal” second-hand sleeping bag to try first.
  3. Potette Plus and Reusable Liner
    No baby list is complete without the mention of poo obviously! We introduced the potty at an early stage to contain the 8-day poonamis but those things can’t be easily carried in a pram so we need a travel solution. I love that the Potette plus doubles as a toilet seat trainer and with the reusable liner, it’ll be the bees knees.
  4. Foam Mat
    I would like a play mat that I can easily clean and is also fun. The mats we have now are all machine washable which is great but it’s just a faff. However, it turns out that these foams things can be toxic, well according to Google, so I had to search for non-toxic alternatives.
  5. Play Food/Cooking Set
    For Christmas we are planning to get little one a set of wooden kitchen utensils/food as he loves to watch us cook and pretend-eating. Sadly, we don’t have space for a play kitchen but this seems like the next best thing as we can pack it away. I wish it was easier to find or customise a complete set of wooden kitchen items rather than buying them separately.
  6. Backpack Changing Bag
    After going through several baby changing backs and with another baby on the way, I think a backpack is the way to go. The one I’m currently coveting is by Babymel. A friend has it and it looks very practical and stylish. Please be on sale. Pretty please.
  7. Double Pram
    With another baby on the way and little one not quite walking long distances yet, I will be needing a double pram. Good thing I didn’t spend too much on the first one. I have considered baby wearing the newborn for the first few months but the birth plan is still up in the air so I may not be up for stressing my body too much. A tandem one is currently my preferred style as that most of the shops I go into cannot fit side by side prams and they look nicer. But pram research is so frustrating and I’ll probably regret whatever I buy. Shame there appears to be no reviews anywhere for this one though!
  8. Hair Grooming Set
    My toddler’s straight hair has now turned into luscious curls which looks amazing but is prone to tangling. You’d think that having tightly curled hair (read afro) would prepare me for this but I’m at a complete loss with his little head of hair. I definitely need to get some hair tools and wooden ones are catching my eye currently though I’m not sure how they handle getting wet.
  9. Swimming Costume
    We are off to Centre Parcs next year so we need to get him some swimming gear. I loathe swimming so I’m that terrible mother who hasn’t taken their baby to swimming classes which ia why we don’t already have one. The last time we went there, he screamed throughout the changing process so I need something that’s easy to take on and off!
  10. Water Toy
    He loves filling his bath buckets from the bath tap but that seems like a waste of water to keep it running and he’s starting to get bored of me scooping it for him. So I’m on the lookout for a toy that can do this for me instead. Something like:

Have you got a wishlist or items you are price-watching?

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7 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale Wishlist for Toddler – 2017

  • November 23, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Tomorrow is going to be crazy it seems even more retailers are doing Black Friday events now x

  • November 23, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    We have that sleeping sac, I have bought sacs in the last 2 Black Fridays!

  • November 23, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    I am not normally a fan of Black Friday either, I normally avoid the shops. I have just ordered some great half price gifts online though x

  • November 24, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    I highly recommend the potette we had it potty training Finlay and it was a life saver out and about. It definatley took the worry out of going out!

    • November 25, 2017 at 9:27 am

      I thought that but according to the description, feet are meant to stay in the leg bit when they are asleep. You can also get booties as well but I thought socks might be enough


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