Blog Self-Assessment: Highs and Lows of 2017

Having only just started blogging, there’s not much to assess yet but in a way, it is a perfect time for an evaluation! Am I still enjoying it? Did I choose the right niche? Will I have time to keep doing this when baby number 2 arrives? Let’s find out.

Blog self-assessment highs and lows of 2017- The Growing Mum


Posts Published

I published 21 posts between September and December, an average of about 5 per month. I was aiming for about one a week so this is encouraging but I definitely skipped a few weeks. Oops.

Top-performing Post

According to the stats, it was Alternative Halloween Activities post. It was the first post I actively promoted on social media and I think being seasonal help and offering a different angle helpes.

Post That Was Difficult to Write

My first review, GroVia ONE Nappy Review, took much longer to write than I’d expected. Researching the correct terminology, getting the right photos (especially ones that protected the decency on my young model) and making sure I covered all aspects the reader might find useful. Hopefully it’ll get easier in time.

Post I Hope Will Make a Difference

I do hope all my posts make a difference to someone even if it’s just me haha. My Survival tips for new mums would be my pick here. Interestingly, the ultimate advice from the wise mummy bloggers was “don’t listen to too much advice”.

Post That Struck a Cord

Writing about my husband admitting his low point in Daddy Down. It made consider how many of us soldier on in silence – outwardly appearing to have it all together, even admired by others – yet deep down we are a bit of a wreck!

Post That Fell Flat On Its Face

Well, going by the stats it would be the one about us Expecting Again. But I didn’t really promote this post as I had only disclosed the news to close friends & family. So Being too Busy to Blog is what I’m going for. Having only just started blogging, I wasn’t at the right stage to offer a helpful insight into the world of blogging. One for the rewrite page this year!

Surprise of the Year

Getting my first product to review – a Christmas Hamper from Prestige. I applied for it through Bloggers Required and was shocked when I was chosen as there are so many more amazing bloggers out there. I’m hoping to do a few more reviews this year.

Thank you to Living Life Our Way for tagging me. Getting the answer to these was a good way to look back at my progress. What does 2018 hold?Well I haven’t committed to a binding list of goals yet as I still finding my feet and I’m be a mummy to 2. Blogging is definitely not as easy as perhaps some people think. It can take days to publish a post that I’m vaguely happy with but I am still enjoying it and I’ll try to post more frequently. I have a lot of topics and side projects on my list. However it’s all over the shop and as I’m not truly convinced the Mummy niche is the right one for me, I haven’t really started on them yet. We’ll see where the words take me in 2018!

Now over to Emmy’s MummyYammy MommyMum’s The Nerd and Me Becoming Mum.

Have you done any self-assessments for 2017, blogging or otherwise?

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5 thoughts on “Blog Self-Assessment: Highs and Lows of 2017

  • January 4, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    This is a great idea. This year I started an Awards post celebrating the best brands and venues of the last year, but assessing the blog itself is a good idea too.

  • January 4, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    I checked my top posts from last year and was quite surprised at the results – I always thought reviews did quite badly but two of my top ones are review posts. I guess I better carry on doing them… 🙂

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  • January 8, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Great idea to do a blogging review of the year to help you shape your goals for 2018. It’s been a great start to your blogger journey so look forward to seeing great things from you in 2018 x

    • January 8, 2018 at 10:44 am

      Thank you 🙂


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