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Family Fridays #3 - The Growing Mum

Family Fridays #3

  Daytime Frolics (or lack of) Having been back at work for just over 3 weeks but still getting very little sleep at night, I’m glad to have taken Fridays off for a bit. We had to wait in for the plumber to fit a new shower...

Family Fridays number 2

Family Fridays #2

We went for our statutory morning walk. Daddy had taken the pram to work so I had to use a carrier with Baby E. Thank goodness he’s a skinny 10 month old! Unfortunately I didn’t take any usable pictures on our walk which is so unlike me....

Baby E and Holly the cat stare

Family Fridays #1

Filling in my maternity leave form, I was certain I’d be ready to go back to work around the 6 months mark (I was so wrong) but I was undecided on the full-time or part-time. I returned to after 10 months of maternity leave and I requested...