Cloth Nappy Review – GroVia ONE

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34 Responses

  1. You must save such a lot of money using cloth products as opposed to disposable nappies x

    • The Growing Mum says:

      That was part of the idea of using cloth though it’s become more of a collection so not sure I’ve saved much hahaha

  2. Karen says:

    I was a huge cloth nappy fan, this looks like a really good one, compared to the night ones we used. Mine are well beyond nappies now!

  3. jacintaz says:

    I never used cloth nappies for the children but so wish I had. Would have saved a fortune and helped the planet. 🙂

  4. Jenni says:

    I have to confess I used disposables for both my boys. The idea of cloth nappies always seemed to complicated.

    • The Growing Mum says:

      It is daunting to start with but as with most things, it does get easier. I use disposables at night because he feeds so much and needs a change so you can mix and match

  5. This looks like a great design, it’s clever how you can add an extra fold where needed like the front for boys. It’s great to see cloth nappies getting popular now.

  6. I love how you honestly share your opinion and discussed what you liked and disliked. I am not yet a mommy and now I guess clothe diapers will be my preference in the future.

    • The Growing Mum says:

      Thank you. I’ve learnt that it’s not an all or nothing area. You can do it part time and adapt according to your schedule. It’ll be one less disposable to landfill 🙂

  7. My boy ended up being in nappies until he was 4 due to his special needs, I probably would have saved a fortune if I’d have gone for cloth nappies. I just didn’t really know much about them at the time. These sound like a good option

    • The Growing Mum says:

      There are amazing options for older babies too. Hopefully more people will become aware of them sooner

  8. Ooh I was so tempted to do cloth nappies but then with three in nappies I decided that I just couldn’t face that level of hard work! I do love them though and all of the funky wraps too!

    • The Growing Mum says:

      If you can cope with 1 then 3 wouldn’t be too bad unless you went back to work then it’ll probably be a nightmare 🙈

  9. I think if I had my time again I would do cloth nappies. These look great!

  10. lynseyward78 says:

    If I had another baby I would use cloth Nappies. Saves money and better for the environment

  11. I always wanted to do cloth nappies with my children. Sounds like you have found a good fit for overnight, even if it is a little expensive.

  12. The initial outlay is obviously a lot more than a box of disposable nappies but it is so much better for the environment.
    (hubby helping out)

  13. Su says:

    The Velcro attachment is such a great idea! Too many nappies with fiddly snaps or Velcro getting ruined in the wash, this could solve that!

  14. It’s tat thing of value isn’t it rather than them being cheap? So if you invest in these when you have your first child and then will have more after you’ll be making a good investment. Mich x

  15. I really wish that we had done cloth nappies. By late on in the day for it now though, it’s probably cost more than the amount of disposable nappies we have left to buy!

  16. I never used a cloth nappy when my two were little as I thought that I would just be useless at putting them on etc. I have to say I really wish I had given them a go now, especially after reading this post. Kinder for the baby and for our wallet! Also this looks like it is really easy to put on and wash. Brilliant!

  17. Memeandharri says:

    Oh I have never heard of these night nappies before but they sound amazing! I would definitely use these with Alfie. Great review

  18. Amy Mighalls says:

    I’ve never used cloth nappies but it’s something I’ve been looking into for my next baby. Great post.

  19. Katy says:

    I love cloth nappies but haven’t tried these – love the idea of the attachment!

  20. trinimamabebe says:

    Im in the process of seeking a brand of cloth nappy to try for my little boy whos suffering terribly with nappy rash while getting his molars so this has given me food for thought thank you #RVHT

  21. Sarah says:

    I’ve used cloth with all three of mine and saved so much money. initial investment was about £200 which for three babies is a bargain

  22. I must confess I have always used disposables partly because of convenience, but these do look more simple to use than some I have seen. They also don’t look very bulky which is the other thing that put me off. Great factual review I am sure others will find it very helpful.

  23. Accidental Hipster Mum says:

    This is a really great review. I’ve never tried reusables so for someone like me it was really thorough and clear! I’m amazed that the sizing is so versatile too!

    Thanks for joining #RVHT, I hope you’re able to join in again tonight x

  24. Lisa Jackson says:

    I’ve not heard of that brand. I’m about to restart my cloth nappy journey and can’t wait 😊

  25. I did try cloth nappies for a while but failed at holiday times and totally failed when I had triplets. These look a good fit and so much better for the environment. #TriedTested

    • The Growing Mum says:

      I can’t imagine keeping on top of the washing with triplets! But disposables on holiday is more of a nice break than failure hehe

  26. Grovia are always a winner, we found them so practical and easy to adapt to suit whatever stage we were at/ Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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