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Cloth Nappy Review – GroVia ONE

I asked the ladies in my phone to recommend an easy night nappy as changing 2-parters in the middle night whilst barely awake, was not going well. They all said: GroVia ONE. So I bought a preloved one to try when a good deal came up. I paid more than I usually do for preloved nappies so I was curious to see what made it so expensive. I wasn’t disappointed. The material is lovely, thick yet soft and it just screams quality even with the plain blue one I got. I imagine the awesome prints they come in would look even more lush.


GroVia One is a one-size nappy that should fit from birth till potty training by adjusting the fitting snaps. It falls under the all-in-one* category – as the whole nappy is washed when dirty.

The body of the nappy consists of an inner absorbent layer and a waterproof outer layer. The inserts are snapped in – which is ideal as they can be unsnapped for easier drying.

*Some people might regard it as an all-in-2 because the inserts snap in. However, for all-in-2s, you don’t typically have to wash the whole nappy, just the inserts so I am sticking to all-in-one. That’s also how Grovia refers to it. Though ONE has its own category on their website, presumably to avoid confusion with the original AIO. Branding minefield?

GroVia ONE overview

One of the unique things about the ONE is that in can be closed using poppers or Velcro. The Velcro is snapped on so they can be easily replaced if they wear out.

GroVia One - parts


The nappy shell has one layer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to make it waterproof, and the hidden absorbent layer is microfibre so should dry quickly. It is topped with a layer of stay-dry microfleece. There is also a TPU panel on the inside of the nappy at the top. I love this as one of the issues I have with 2-parters is the whole of the nappy being wet against baby’s skin. This stops the wetness going up the tummy.

GroVia One Tummy Panel and Soakers

The inserts are cotton, topped with stay-dry microfleece to keep baby’s bum feeling dry after they’ve wet the nappy.


It is a larger fit nappy (surface area not volume/bulk) which should hopefully accommodate most baby shapes. The width around the crotch is really good making it more bomb-proof.

For babies, you’d have the nappy on the smallest snap setting and use it with small insert. Next size up is just the large insert and the largest setting uses both inserts. For Baby E at night, he was on the medium setting with both inserts for maximum absorbency.

GroVia One fit

To target the absorbency to a particular area, you can fold the smaller bottom insert. So for my boy, I folded it at the front at he usually only wets the front of the nappy.

GroVia ONE small insert folded

Washing and Drying

GroVia ONE doesn’t come with any tricky washing instructions. Just a full dose of simple detergent in warm or hot water and you can tumble dry. Washing at a lower temp will save energy and they recommend that too so I wash at 40 with the occasional 60-degree wash. Similarly, using a low setting for tumble drying will save energy and increase their life span. Unfortunately, my washer-dryer is too cheap and basic to accommodate adjustable drying settings so I usually line-dry. The inserts take about a day to dry while the cover dries in about half that time. This is comparable to my daytime nappies so I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard stories of night nappies taking days to dry!

What I Love

  • One row of poppers – makes changing a breeze
  • Having 2 rows would allow for leg adjustment for an even snugger fit but as this is a night nappy, I am not expecting my little one to run around too much
  • TPU panel at the tummy – awesome for stopping the wetness wicking onto clothes and bedding especially as my boy sleeps on his tummy
  • Generous fitting but still perfect for skinnier babies
  • Very absorbent – can be used at night
  • Absorbency can be targeted – great for boys who only soak the front of the nappy
  • Soft microfleece – stays dry against the skin
  • Quality – the material and quality of the stitching is amazing
  • One size – no need to buy several sizes for one baby

What I Don’t Love As Much

  • The Velcro – likely to go walkies as they should be removed before washing
  • The price** – granted you only need a few of these if using them as night nappies but the cost of each new is a major investment for a wee & poo catcher.

** At the time of writing, the cheapest new price is £18.95 at Babipur and Kingdom of Fluff. These are NOT affiliate links so I don’t get anything if you buy via them.

The Verdict on GroVia ONE

If you are looking for an easy night nappy and do not mind spending a bit more then go for the GroVia ONE. Personally, I love this nappy and it made night changes easier as my little boy was a guzzler at night and required at least one change. However, I could not justify the cost per nappy. So after hanging on to my ONE nappy for as long as I could, I decided to pass it to another mummy to enjoy!

Have you tried the GroVia ONE? If so, what do you think of it?


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