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Daddy Down, One Dose of Sleep Needed. Stat.

Daddy Down. Dose of Sleep Needed. Stat - The Growing Mum

After his 2 weeks of paternity flew by I always tried to maximise the sleep he got so he could function at work and bring the money in. I’m talking about little things like

  • going to soothe the little one in the nursery every time he woke. Which was and still is way too often
  • sleeping in the spare bed that’s in the nursery so I could quickly attend to Baby E up before he yelled the roof down
  • feeding at every beck and call (son not husband)
  • getting up with Baby at the wee hours so his chatter wouldn’t wake everyone up

It wasn’t really sustainable if I wanted to spend anytime at all with my husband so we progressed to starting off in the same bed then around midnight, which would be at least his 2 or 3rd wake, I’d move to the nursery till morning. This merely strengthened Baby E’s dependence on me for comfort. Next step was to spend the whole night in my marital bed. After the first night the novelty wore off as the numerous trips to the nursery was exhausting. I have to actually have my eyes open to get there safely. This was so different from just rolling over and attaching a child to my chest. However, we are all getting much less sleep as daddy tends to wake up too when little one wakes.

The sleep deprivation was slowly taking its toll on him until fateful day where he slumped on the sofa and murmured:

I feel really down. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

For once, my first thought wasn’t “I have it worse than you”. I felt so touched that he opened up about this and didn’t try to bottle it all in. We cuddled up and had a hearty chat about it all. It was time to revisit the sleep training battleground. How did that go? Well, that’s for another time as I should be sleeping while our little rascal is currently snoring away.

P. S. He did acknowledge that I’m probably worse off on the sleep front especially as I’ve started work too. I also pointed out that he could try going to bed a bit earlier on some nights. It may not be manly to rush into bed at 7pm but that’s the only way to get 2 to 3 hours sleep in a row.  That gaming session can definitely wait.


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