Walking With Two Under 2 – Double Buggy vs Baby Carrier vs Buggy Board

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4 Responses

  1. tannah2017 says:

    Def the double stroller, not side by side style. Side by side tends to really be problematic when you are going in stores, elevators, etc. They make some sit and stand stroller a lot of moms I know love, but I just had standard stroller so I’m not sure.

  2. I highly recommend that you find your local sling library for advice on your carrying options post birth. There are so many types of carrier out there that I’m sure there will be an option that suits you. Your library will be able to show you how to put them on and will have demo dolls for you to practice with.
    Find your local library at:

  3. Maria Hughes says:

    Those buggy boards look fun! x

  4. So many decisions! We had a side by side stroller which I loved and was really easy to push, even one-handed if toddler wanted to walk, just a bit difficult in some doorways!

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