Walking With Two Under 2 – Double Buggy vs Baby Carrier vs Buggy Board

Baby in a pram for Double buggy vs buggy board vs baby carrier post

As a first-time mum-to-be, I did my fair share of pram-watching, making a mental note of brand names and imagined myself pushing my precious little bundle in them. Turns out there are a trillion options available which made the actual pram shopping experience a bit traumatic. I had to buy a stroller 10 months later as a travel system is just too faffy for a toddler. The fun doesn’t stop there, as I’ll have 2 under 2 soon so I’ll need a means of transporting them both. Or maybe I’ll just stay at home till the toddler can walk safely! So what are my options?

Baby Carrier

First child didn’t really take to the pushchair until he was 4 months old so I had to carry him and push an empty pram most of the time. And I don’t have to buy anything!

However, will I be able to react quickly in those awkward situations if there’s a baby strapped to my chest? My birthing route is likely to be different this time round, are there carriers that accommodate that? What if the baby doesn’t like the carrier?

Buggy Board

This seems like a good long term option but I’m worried he won’t stand still long enough. He’s can’t walk long distances yet either so might still need a seat for him when he gets tired. He doesn’t like reins so it might get tricky if he jumps off or decides that he definitely wants to walk on the same road as cars. I’ve not yet acquired the supermum skills of controlling a pushchair and running after a toddler.

Double Buggy

This is the dreaded choice. I am naively hoping that there’ll be fewer choices available and I won’t need to sell an arm just to get something decent. I’ve spotted side by side and tandem varieties but I leaning towards tandem as most of the shops along my walking route have only one door open. What if the toddler suddenly decides to walk? Will it be easy to push 2 kids at once? Will the seating configuration be suitable?

Decisions, decisions! My instinct says double buggy for ease even though my heart was originally set on a carrier. Better get on the research horse!

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4 thoughts on “Walking With Two Under 2 – Double Buggy vs Baby Carrier vs Buggy Board

  1. Def the double stroller, not side by side style. Side by side tends to really be problematic when you are going in stores, elevators, etc. They make some sit and stand stroller a lot of moms I know love, but I just had standard stroller so I’m not sure.

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