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English Words at 16 Months 


English Words 16 Months - The Growing Mum

After 6 months of being in the baby room at Nursery, it was time for my toddler to move on. He was graduating from a Starfish to a Seahorse.  Who comes up with these names?

I found out about the impending move via a form in his Nursery bag. Most of the questions were irrelevant as they were tailored to a new joiner. The baby and toddler rooms had the same workers and functioned as one entity as there were only ever 1 or 2 babies present so they were familiar with his routine. My responses were somewhat passive aggressive with a running theme of ‘As per current routine in Starfish’. So to make up for this, I made more of an effort when answering the question: “List the words your child can currently say in English” and here are most of them:

The List

List of English Words 16 Months - The Growing Mum

Creating this was more demanding than I’d first envisaged. Had to cross check everything he said over the next few days and I still managed to miss some key words like “boob” and “poppee” from the list I gave Nursery.

I am unsure whether sounds like “nee nor” were technically English words haha! I also left out words he’d stopped saying like “kisses” and “water” although he probably still says them at Nursery as he behaves a bit differently depending on where he is.

As the question asked for English words, I was reminded that I’m bilingual so I’m debating whether to introduce him to my second language. I only use it with my parents who are in a different country so he won’t hear it day-to-day which is probably the easiest way to learn it. It is not a common language so it may not be worth it and I can’t send him to lessons.

It was also quite rewarding to document his words and as it turns out grandparents found it helpful too, especially knowing the word “tidy” haha. I’m not sure how this compares to his expected level of development (if there’s such a thing) and I’m actively refusing to compare with the other toddlers in my baby group. It’s also surprising how much he understands. You could give him an instruction for the first time like “Take this to Daddy” and he’ll carry it out completely – not just go over to Daddy.

After handing the form in, a couple of workers at the Nursery actually thanked me for providing taking the time to write down his words. Do other mums skip this like I was initially going to or where they surprised that in the midst of my unhelpful response was this comprehensive write-up? Whatever the reason, I was happy they’d appreciated the effort 🙂


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