Family Fridays #3 - The Growing Mum
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Family Fridays #3


Family Fridays #3 - The Growing Mum

Daytime Frolics (or lack of)

Having been back at work for just over 3 weeks but still getting very little sleep at night, I’m glad to have taken Fridays off for a bit. We had to wait in for the plumber to fit a new shower so didn’t get up to much fun outdoors. Ta-da

New Mira Shower - The Growing Mum

Here is the short exchange with my other half after I sent him the above:

Shower Whatsapp Convo - The Growing Mum



Another reason for the lazy day was that I was going on my first ever night out for over a year. I had planned to nap, get my outfit ready and take it nice and slow leaving the house. None of that happened. It’s like the little one knew I was going out so he was grizzly during the day and fighting bed time. I did eventually throw on some acceptable clothes which the other half approved, then leg it out the house – putting on makeup as I walked down the road in heels that I haven’t worn in a long time. Classy!

I had to slow down a bit to achieve the right balance between speed walking and sweat production so I was a little late. We had a drink at the bar then sat down for our meal. An hour into the evening, I received a text that the little one had woken up and was crying inconsolably. Husband had to pick up a friend from the train station and we had drafted in a neighbour to babysit – hoping it’d be fairly straightforward as baby would be asleep. But he had other ideas so was bundled into the car to the train station.

I had to decide whether to stay and party my socks off then go home to a very awake yet tired child or leave early and get a lift. I chose the latter for everyone’s sanity and so ended my night out – 3 hours after it had begun. It was lovely to have a few child free hours but I still felt that a part of me was with him so I was secretly glad to go back to him.

Here’s to many more child-free moments! Hopefully!

How did you feel the first time you were away from your baby for a significant amount of time?


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