Family Fridays #4 – Drums, Family Visits, Corn at Nando’s

Morning Frolics

This was a particularly exciting Family Friday for us! We were meeting up with family we hadn’t seen for years as they live in New Zealand. Anticipating how over-stimulated my little one might get with new faces and the attention from 8-year-old twins, I decided to take have a fairly easy-going morning. We did our routine walk down to the shops and one of our finds was a drum kit which I immediately offered to buy for the grandparents 😀 They declined.

Afternoon Fun

Back home after our ramble, he found a loo roll and for once I let him go wild with it. He had so much fun and I got a great video for the memory bank – ignoring the mess of course. After his afternoon nap, it was time for our rendezvous. He was a bit apprehensive of the “strange” people around him at first but the twins soon livened him up. Could he tell them apart? Did he know that they were different people? Is his mind blown? I will probably never know the answer to these.

Evening Food Heaven

The day ended with a trip to good old Nando’s. We completely forgot how much our 11 month old loved corn so there was a mini tantrum as we tried to take the husk from him. It ended with him completing his dinner on my lap as that was the only way to calm him down. Note to self: offer corn towards the end of the meal!

The rest of the evening was definitely less eventful than last Friday. Here’s a summary in pictures:

Family Fridays Number 4 - The Growing Mum





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