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First day of 2018 – How did it go? 

Hello, first day of 2018! New year’s eve was meant to be a quiet one for me but the fireworks squashed that plan. Poor little one was very unsettled by the loud bangs and nothing I tried would get him back to sleep. So I was having a late night for very different reasons to some who may be nursing a sore head this morning or recounting exciting tales!

How did we start the year

At midnight, I had a child trying to sit on my face while I reached round to wish my husband Happy New Year! At least we were all together for it. Mental note: check if there are kiddies ear plugs/defender things for next year.

As husband was trying to settle Baby E, I went browsing on the The Money Shed forum and got £5 –  not randomly, it was for reaching 50 posts.


It can only get better after getting some money right?! Well, if you’ve read my post about 2018 goals, you’ll know that my mantra is:

First day of 2018 mantra-the growing mum

So spending most of the morning & early afternoon in bed (except the 3 hours of child entertainment as I took the morning shift) due to the lack of sleep did not seem like time spent wisely.  But the rest was needed. When I finally left my comfy bed, I did get on with a few tasks like:

  • continuing my a detailed plan for the year
  • some tidying and cleaning – it is a new year afterall. I’d finally got a laundry “putting away” system though toddler was helpfully emptying the laundry boxes as I filled them hehe
  • sorting items for the return to work & nursery tomorrow – I’ll be using my new Babymel bag which I asked for to fit in 2 kids worth of stuff later this year

#2017bestnine kept popping up as I scrolled through Facebook so I found the website and impressively, only my username was required – no obvious personal data mining form in sight. So I indulged myself and got my best 9 collage and one for my Church’s Instagram account which I manage.

I also found out that Katy (KatyKicker) will be starting a Meal Planning linky group which spurred me on (along with a nag from The Growing Dad – go accountability) to the write next week’s meals and shopping list. He even got the online shop done!

Where did the day go?

As usual, time went too quickly, and it was bed time. Well, after a cheeky Toblerone triangle. It’s the only Christmas chocolate I get that I’ll actually eat! I checked in on my little man and he was peacefully asleep. I love doing this every night! Continued my reading of Mark Gospel then had a chat with the husband about the things we’re grateful for today. Among his list, he mentioned that before tucking into his lunch and dinner, little one held his hand and started saying a prayer unprompted. It’s so lovely when he’s learning our good habits too haha.

I decided to quickly write this post just before going off to dreamland just to remind myself that the day did not end as it started.

First day of 2018 - the growing mum

What did you get up to on New year’s day? Have you tried the 2017 best nine site? My best nine collage is bottom left above. Loving the poo cakes in the middle!


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