Toddler in ball pit on daddy-son day for family friday 6
Family Fridays

A Fun Father And Son Day – Family Fridays #6

Mr G had a week between jobs so he took over Family Friday responsibilities. Yay! I had to do a full week’s work. Boo! We made sure he had a plan for the day to keep the little one occupied (and Daddy too). There was one obvious choice of activity – Soft play. This would be our first visit into the world of slides, ball pits and other unthinkables. Yes, I had mainly heard the horror stories about soft play.

The day started with a look in the Wonder Weeks app at 6am. The current leap indicated that my baby was fast becoming a toddler. Great emotional start to the day!

Screenshot of wonderweeks app for leap 8 - Baby becoming a toddler


How The Day Went

I tried to resist asking how the day was going but thankfully he sent me some pictures during the day which kept me going. It was also lovely to see him having fun – even without me!

Soft play family friday father and son day

The soft play was conveniently located in a retail park with a supermarket so I sent over a shopping list to The Growing Dad. Might as well make the most of their outing right?!

I got home to find a very happy toddler and a very tired husband. He just about survived his first almost all-day childcare session and had a better appreciation of how intense it can be.

Want to catch up from the beginning? This is how Family Fridays started!


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