How Did The First Nursery Goodbye Wave Go?

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6 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    How sweet! As a nursery worker, I’ve only seen the side of being a worker. There were many kids who would cry for their mothers, and there were others who would bounce on it. At the time, my only concern was the children. Thank you for bringing in the perspective of a mother!!

  2. JenniferCoe says:

    Aww. What a sweet moment you captured on your blog. I love that you wrote this. I am sure it will help other mommies who feel the same thing!

  3. Julie says:

    These are bittersweet moments aren’t they? We don’t want our babies to grow up, but yet we also want them to be independent at the same time.
    My oldest is getting ready for college in less than 2 years and I’m feeling a little like you are!

  4. keisharussell84 says:

    Such a wonderful post! I know that many will be helped that are also struggling. It is so tough to trust others with our babies.

  5. 1blogify2 says:

    I think those little moments are so crucial to our journey as parents. They fly by so fast!

  6. Suzanne Cox says:

    That is so sweet. Takes me back to my older Son’s first morning at nursery when he had just turned two. He just went in happily without saying goodbye to me. I felt a very surprising wrench, I had been a SAHM until then (well still was with a bit of self-empoyed work), and was 7 weeks pregnant with my second. I came home and had a cry. I was asked to phone back after two hours to see how he was getting on and to decide whether I should pick him up. I phoned and was told that you wouldn’t have thought it was his first session. The keyworker suggested that I pick him up at the usual time, I then laughed. My second was clingier, but how I wish my first boy was the happy little boy he was at 2 now he is nearly 11.

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