How do I find time for my spiritual wellbeing? 

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  1. Jono says:

    Spirtual or otherwise everyone needs to make sure they look after their own wellbeing. The stresses of daily life often mean we forget about our mental health, forget to relax and forget about whats truly important to us or indeed to those around us

  2. We moms have a bad habit of forgetting about our own well being and it adds extra stress to our day that we don’t need. We all deserve to take some time outs throughout our day to look out for our own well being.

  3. Sophia says:

    I think finding time for ourselves is something we all need to do more. Whether it’s for the reasons you want to prioritise, or just finding a bit more time each day to put ourselves first.xo

  4. I have neglected my spiritual life for sometime too. I need to find my way back.

  5. I can never find worship music I like. A friend from church lent me a pile of CDs and I didn’t like a single one! Perhaps you could blog some recommendations? As for finding time, I have liked using an app called Pray as you Go. It’s a bit twee but it’s a good 11 minute daily study and reflection.

  6. Making time for our inner self is important. It is tough with ever changing priorities but working through where it can fit in your new life will find the answer

  7. Sarah says:

    great tips for finding time for reflection and thought. such an important thing that is so often neglected

  8. Just by asking the question, you’re off to a good start, I think. Making room for God in our lives is a matter of following through on our good intentions — even in those moments when we don’t “feel spiritual.” God shows up whether we do or not!

  9. Barbie says:

    It’s so hard to take care of us isn’t it? But you offer some great tips on getting in that time with God that we so need. Thanks for sharing at #glimpses this week. Hope to see you again.

  10. Heather Hart says:

    Changing the music I listened to made such a huge difference in the rest of my thought process throughout the rest of the day. I’m sure just that one small step will help you see a huge difference. And your other steps are awesome too.

  11. I love your honesty. I had a struggle for a long time finding time to read God’s Word, pray and meditate on His Word. It has gotten easier as the children have gotten older. I do have a couple of small kiddos and I make sure that even if I have not been “feed” by my own time with God, that I am reading a Bible story with the little ones and being intentional in prayer with them. I need to get up an hour earlier than I normally do to spend quiet time with God, otherwise the day gets away from me. I also think if you can listen to worship music as you work, your focus is on Him.

  12. Melissa says:

    Adding bible verses to room decor is beneficial, too. That way you see it when you enter/exit the room. I also pray in the shower. I can generally count on that time as being all to myself! 🙂

    • The Growing Mum says:

      Wonderful tips. Thank you. Love the shower idea! It’s one of the rare times I’m alone. We’ve been in our home for about 4 years now and are yet to hang things on the wall so might have to be sticky notes for now haha

  13. Katie says:

    I usually have to wake up at 5:30 in order to get quiet time alone. It’s a challenge. Finding time can be so hard. But, it’s worth it. My day goes so much better when I’ve had a few real minutes with the Lord first. And if I don’t get it, then I try to leave my Bible out to read when I have a few minutes. Another great help for many busy moms is a Bible app – so on your busy lunch break, or while folding laundry or making dinner, glance at a verse and be intentional about meditating on it. The fact that you are thinking about it, is a great first step!

  14. You did a great job on this I could feel your sincerity when reading this. I think it is great that you are searching for ideas on ways to get more of God in your daily routine.

  15. Julie says:

    I try and spend time in the Word right away after I get the kids off to school and let the little one watch some T.V. If I don’t do it right away, the day gets away from me.

  16. This is refreshing! Thank you for being vulnerable and honest with us. This is true in most of us, I think. We are just busy. You have some great ways to combat the lack of spiritual nurturing during busyness! I love the reminder to pray even in silly, mundane tasks! Cleaning while listening to praise music… genius. Bringing the kids in to the Bible reading…you may not get all you would have out of it, but they are seeing the example and learning God’s word! Great advice! I will be taking it!

  17. couchcrumbsllc says:

    This is the real struggle for all Christians! And the real solution is to bring God into our busyness. Once we do this, we will notice how the busyness actually changes into calm, peaceful, and balanced living. Thank you for inspiring us with your message!

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