Maternity Leave: Expectation vs Reality

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7 Responses

  1. I had to chuckle when I read this. My expectations were also sky-high when I was pregnant with my first. I very much relate to the reality check! I am also pregnant with my second currently, due end of August – when are you due?

  2. mammaprada says:

    It’s so funny what we actually end up doing! My son was premature so I hadn’t left work yet!

  3. All of these 🤣 I had similar expectations. Naive? I think so!

  4. Akamatra says:

    Oh yes I feel your pain. I stayed home for 15months and though I loved being with her it was also a struggle.

  5. sounds so familiar.. this too shall pass 🙂 and get better !

  6. I have no memory of the beginning of my maternity leave with my first – just a blurry vision of the sofa and a lot of days in pjs… I have no idea how we managed to keep him (or us!) alive!

  7. i couldn’t agree more. I have now 2 kids, both are very different in their daily needs, and I am now expecting number 3! I think I’m mad! however, there needs change constantly, and trying to keep up feels like it will never end, I am learning to take a break when I can and get some me time, the rest can wait, the house can stay messy, as long as we all get fed, and are happy, that’s all that matters. As they grow it gets a bit easier, the house gets messier, but I’m learning that’s part of being a parent, trying to keep up is impossible! your doing great, being a stay at home mum is not easy that’s for sure. x

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