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Meal Plan, Shopping List and Evenings Out – Week 7

Pancake day was earlier on this week but we postponed our indulgence to this weekend. That will require a special shopping trip as we have lots of friends coming round for the occasion. I am hoping to try out a few pancake recipes from around the world too so it’s probably best to steer clear of fried batter this week! What’s on the menu?

DaysLunchDinnerSnack (mainly toddler's)
MonChicken casseroleRoast poussin (leftovers)Salmon sandwich, veggies, fruit, yoghurt
TueFish pie (toddler)
Tuna sandwich (adults)
Individual dinners*Hummus sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit, veggies
WedChicken rolls + saladJambalayaFruit, veg & yoghurts (adults)
ThuPasta bakeFreezer mealSweet potato biscuits, fruit, cheese, veggies
FriChilliSausage & mashFruit, veggies, baked beans, scones & yoghurts
SatBrunchCurryAvailable options at home
SunHam sandwiches & saladEat outAvailable options at home

*The Growing Dad is meeting friends for unlimited ribs at Rancho Steakhouse so I am indulging in a Nigerian meal. The toddler will have something I can quickly rustle up so I can eat later and don’t have to share haha.

Shopping list to go with the weekly menu from The Growing Mum

Fruit and VegetablesCupboard
Salad veg (cucumber etc)
Selection of fruit
Baked beans
Tin tomatoes
Any other fish for fish pie
*Check Stock*

What are you cooking this week? If you are looking for inspiration, check out my previous Meal Plans. You can also find other awesome meals plan over at Katykicker and The Organised Life Project.

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  • katykicker

    Unlimited ribs?! WOW! Sounds amazing! Also, I can’t remember when we last had sausage and mash. Our meal plan went off course this week but we will get back on track! Thanks for linking up!

    • The Growing Mum

      He loved it! Mash is one of the few things the little one will eat when he’s being fussy so we have lots in the freezer haha

  • Emma T

    I’m lucky because the OH eats at the farm M-T and N eats at after school club so during the week I eat my main at lunch at work, then grab a snack tea in the evenings. Weekends are then easier to manage – apart from Fridays which are awful because tennis is until 5.30, and we don’t get back til nearly 6 which means tea is always late

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