Meal Plan, Shopping List and Lots of Pancakes – Week 6

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9 Responses

  1. Wemadeawish says:

    I need to get back to meal planning. It saves so much time and money when I do but I get out of the habit too quickly #RVHT

  2. ceearrbooknerd says:

    Wow. You’re so organised O.O (Lol!) #RVHT

    • The Growing Mum says:

      Only do it for the toddler. The adult meal plan sometimes fall by the way side but children must be fed hahaha

  3. Naomi Lynas says:

    Oh I really fancy chicken hotpot too! We had pancakes but my children don’t like them (spoilsports) so we had them once the boys had gone to bed.

    I’d love to know how you do your tables – is it a plug in?

    • The Growing Mum says:

      Awwww at least you still got to have pancakes. Yes it’s a plug in – TablePress. The long list was bugging me. Still need to play around with the styling hehe

  4. Emma says:

    I’ve been doing meal planning and it’s been great – mainly because I’ve not snacked so I’ve lost weight!

  5. What a great meal plan! I seriously need to add more veggies to my diet! #globalblogging

  6. katykicker says:

    I absolutely love your meal plans. They are so informative and you’re so organised! Thanks for linking up. I pretty much just ate pancakes the first three days of this week!

  7. Accidental Hipster Mum says:

    I think I might just outright copy this, it seems like everything we like and so little effort when you’ve done the shopping list for me!

    Thank you for linking up to #RVHT, sorry about the unexpected break, I’ve had (still have) tonsilitis, but the linky will be back tonight!

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