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Until recently, I have been leaving the “messy” playtime to nursery and play dates outside our home. Why? Well, I have this fear of the toddler running riot and covering everything in paint while I cry in a corner*. OK, a bit dramatic but you get the gist. We’ve dabbled in a few card-making projects but after reading his nursery reports, detailing how much he loves painting, I knew it was time!

That’s where this Messy Me Splashmat comes in. It’s a wipe-clean mat that can go on the table or on the floor. Although it fold away quite neatly, it is actually holds it’s shape when laid out. It also feels and looks luxurious. On our first use, we did some drawing and the toddler definitely did not stay within the paper boundaries so ink ended up on the mat. He offered to clean it but ended up cleaning the pen instead as you can see below haha! The ink didn’t come off though but I didn’t try particularly hard as the mat was doing it’s job of protecting the table. Messy me do have some stain removal tips on their website!
Collage of photos with the messy me mat

Next time we really got stuck in to some messy craft time. It was grandma’s birthday soon so we needed to make a card. I put an apron on him and unleashed the squeezy paints tube things (which are rubbish by the way – well could just be the Wilko ones are terrible). He absolutely loved it and could not get enough of it! We started off with a a few “abstract” pieces before getting stuck into the real thing!

Messy me mat painting in action splashmat

Can’t remember why his apron came off in-between now but clearly I was having one of those days as I let him continue with a white t-shirt on. He got paint and glitter everywhere but only on the mat and his body. The floor and furniture where spared! The paint wiped off the mat easily with a damp cloth. Glitter is impossible to completely get rid off on anything but I got most of it. I wiped the mat dry and it was ready to be put away just like that.

Here are the final results. Yes, the card did get some help from me and yes, it still looks terrible but that’s the beauty of having kids. A card like this will still be adored and complemented by the recipient!
Messy me review art results

We’ve survived quite a few more messy craft projects since then. The mat is machine washable at 30 on the odd occasion but I’ve managed to wipe out all our stains. The ink mark from the first use is slowly going too! I am about to start weaning baby number 2 soon so this mat will definitely but put through its paces even more. Think tomato sauce stains and gloopy weetabix!

I was sent the navy stars splashmat for review but the opinion above is all mine. I genuinely love this mat; it wipes clean, you can shake things off it easily, it is lightweight, it folds neatly for storage and it doesn’t stylish! I really wish I had known about it before my cheap shower curtain disaster. Messy me do all sorts of other lovely, useful items like high chair covers, aprons and clutch bags which are ideal for carrying wipes and nappies so go have a nosey!

*Please don’t think that our home is a tidy  immaculate sanctuary. Far from it. Also I did baby-led weaning with our eldest and will be starting soon with number 2. I also use cloth nappies so I’m not mess-shy. There’s just something about paint that gets me all anxious!

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4 thoughts on “Messy Me Mat Review

  • October 2, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I think it’s a shame to avoid any sort of ‘messy play’ due to fears about damage. I think using a mat like this is a great idea to allow for maximum creativity and fun without the fear!

    • October 2, 2018 at 3:51 pm

      Agreed. I did baby-led weaning with my first and plan to do it with the second so I’m not afraid of the mess. And we use cloth nappy. There’s just something about paint that doesn’t sit well with me hahaha

  • October 2, 2018 at 10:20 am

    We have actually had one of these mats and they are brilliant. I totally love ours and love how easily it cleans.

  • October 2, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    As someone who once had five children under 8 and remembers glitter glue on the wallpaper I love the sound of the messy mat. I think you have just given me a Christmas gift idea for my daughter in law.


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