Mother and Child pointing to the sky for Mother's Day post

From Childhood to Motherhood – What Mother’s Day Means to Me

Mother and Child pointing to the sky for Mother's Day post

Celebrated at Church

My earliest memory of Mother’s Day is doing something at church for all mothers. The service usually involved well-rehearsed plays by kids, singing, and giving out a few trophies to mums. Every denomination marked it on a different Sunday so it wasn’t really a country-wide holiday but it was certainly orchestrated by the Church. I didn’t have to do anything special for my mum outside of that (well nothing I can remember anyway). My mum certainly didn’t demand it so it was all fairly easy-going.

Celebrated by Text

I only learnt about Mothering Sunday as “holiday” after moving to a different country. It really struck me how its Church origins appeared to have been lost over time (sadly Christmas & Easter are going down the same path too.) As it’s celebrated on the same day here, the shops capitalise on it. No sooner is Valentine’s Day over, then the Mother’s Day merchandise is unleashed. I still never felt obligated to buy anything for my mum though it was easier to avoid any pressure as I was usually at University on the day. I texted though – I’m not completely heartless haha!

Celebrated Despite the Distance

My mum later moved to a different country (and continent) which tinged all family-orientated holidays with sadness. It may just be a symbolic day but being bombarded by adverts for weeks exacerbates the situation. I had a slight resentment for those that moaned about having to see their mum for the occasion when I would go years before seeing mine! I came to realise how often I took her presence for granted and all her sacrifices to get me where I am would come to the surface. I always ring her on the day even though Mother’s Day is on a different day where she is. I think she appreciates it but we do speak almost everyday so who knows haha!

Celebrate? What Day Is It? Mother’s Day Already?

Then I became a mum and all the days blurred into one. My first Mother’s Day as a mum featured flowers and a card from the husband on behalf of the child. I don’t really do flowers as I lack the patience to care for them. Cards just take up space as I can’t bear to throw the pretty ones out. It got me thinking that I don’t actually want material things on Mother’s Day.  I didn’t really celebrate it as a child so I don’t want my kids (well husband) to feel obliged. Yes I would love breakfast in bed, a lie-in, a magically tidy house and so on but not just on this one day.  I would like my family to be nice to me all year round. And, if for some reason, I am ever apart from my children on Mother’s Day, I would definitely appreciate a text or whatever form of communication is prevalent in the future! Yes I rang my mum today who I am be seeing later in the year after 2 years apart 🙂



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