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Parenting is hard so every now and then I indulge in a little bit of fun to keep me going. With the A to Z Parenting Alphabet challenge, I will attempt to describe my current parenting status using the letters of the alphabet. We have 2 boys under three so a few will be about the general lack of sleep.

Toddler sat down with puzzles pieces A and Z on each arm

A – Advice
Everyone with (and sometimes without a child) is an expert. They mean well but they forget that not all children and parents are the same. Now that I have two, I do find myself giving advice.  Please feel free to gently slap me with this post if it is unsolicited.

B – Breastfeeding
When it goes well, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. But I miss my non-breastfeeding clothes and I would quite like to regain ownership of my chest before they turn 18. 

C – Cuddles
This is one of the highlights of parenting for me. I am not talking about the ouch cuddles to make them feel better. It’s those spontaneous arms round your neck, face buried in your shoulder and if you are lucky even a quick kiss. It melts me every single time.

D – Developmental Leaps
According to the Wonder Weeks app, any sudden change in behaviour could be down to a past, present or impending leap! Naturally, I always felt like I was going through the leap too. Like a kind of parent-child empathy. I did not download the app when number 2 arrived.

E – Early Nights
If by 8pm you don’t want to crawl into bed are you even a parent? Early nights are  clearly the new lie-ins. If I stay up after 10pm, I know I am in for a rough night or a very early start!

F – Forgetful
Baby brain definitely exists. My husband regularly finds items that I’ve put away in the wrong place. The worse one was the cheese in the bread bin. I spent the entire week wondering how he could have eaten a huge block of cheese so quickly.

G – Germs
As the kids build up their immune system, they insist on taking me down with them. It gets much worse when they start nursery as they bring home every single viral thing going round. Including the dreaded chicken pox which the toddler passed to me and the 3 week old baby!

H – Hot Meals
It’s like they know when I am about to start eating as that’s when they wake up. Even when we all eat at the same time, I have to abandon my meal to attend to at least one child’s needs. Thank goodness for microwaves.

I – Imperfect
The days I used to judge a parent for dragging a tantrum-y child along the floor or giving their child a phone in a restaurant are long gone. There is no such thing as perfection in parenthood. There is just love and forgiveness.

J – Juggling Act
Pre-kids, I thought ironing whilst watching TV and chatting to my mum on the phone was the epitome of multi-tasking. Now I know what it actually means, it’s a miracle how parents cope. My head is constantly swimming with to do lists – whether I am at home or at work. My limbs are never free either. I carry one child while another is attached to my leg begging to be carried too even though he can walk.

K – Kisses
I cannot begin to explain how amazing it feels when they start giving you kisses. My eldest does the biggest sloppiest kisses ever. It’s up there with the day he first said “Mummy” and actually meant me rather than just repeating sounds.

L – Laundry
I actually love doing laundry (washing and hanging them up) but putting them away is a nightmare! We regularly live off the clean washing mountain as more and more clothes get piled on the bed in the spare room!

M – Memories
You can never make enough memories where kids are concerned. The first few months post natal months are a blur for me so all I have are the pictures to look back on. It’s so wonderful to see how they’ve changed and grown! Though I try not to dwell too long on the baby pics as I come over all broody. It’s like I forget the 13 months of waking every 2 hours!

N – Nappies
One of the things I dread most is running out of nappies. So let’s just say I have a generous stash of nappies in the house. Which is an impressive feat as we use cloth nappies so the risk of runny out is pretty low. 

O – Over sharing
I am not really an extrovert but ask me anything related to my child’s birth and you’ll get the full, grim story. Oversharing just seems like natural thing. Maybe because I hardly have adult conversation so I feel I have to catch up when I do.

P – Poo talk
Where more than one parent is gathered, a conversation about poo is never far away on the agenda. It’s like the weather equivalent of small talk. Frequency, consistency, colour, repository – so many issues to cover, so little time.

Q – Quietness
I absolutely hate silence but those brief moments when the kids are asleep are golden. No crying, whinging, fighting, saying no … just quiet. I love those moments.

R – Recovery
This one hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t think I’d bounce back to my pre-baby body but I am struggling to come to terms with still looking a few months pregnant, 12 months after giving birth. It’s also had a huge impact on what I can wear. I have started Pilates though so if nothing else, I will be super flexible soon!

S – Sleep
Sleep, well the serious lack of it completely rules my life right now. I keep dreaming on the things I could do if I just had a little bit more sleep. Although in reality, I would probably just waste it browsing my phone!

T – Teething
I never understood how much pain by babies were in until my wisdom tooth started growing. So now when they are teething, I almost dribble with them in sympathy!

U – Unkempt

I have never been one to spend ages on my appearance but I have less time now to even put lip gloss on. I’m so thankful when my husband is the driver as I’ve got the drive time to sort my face and hair out.

V – Vomit
I am absolutely fine with milky sick. But when they start weaning, that is a whole new level of disgusting. Once the eldest started throwing up while my husband was carrying him and he asked me for help. I just flailed about while helplessly while they both stood there covered in sick. The alternative was to catch it with my hand!

W – Weightlifting
My arm muscles have definitely come a long way since I became a parent. Even more so now that both insist on being carried at the same times. They are not even twins. If only the workout somehow transferred to other parts of my body!

X – Xerophthalmia
OK, Google may have helped a bit with this letter. Xerophthalmia means dryness ah soreness of the eyes. Boy have I had my fair share of eye styes. I was amazed when they GP said that they were caused by my chronic lack of sleep.

Y – Yawn
This can embarrassing when it comes on. If I keep busy then I am usually OK but it’s when I am sat down say at church or chatting to someone and sensation suddenly comes.  There is really no elegant way of stifling it but I always try as the alternative is looking like a wide – mouth fish which is possibly worse.

Z – Zzz…
… Sorry I must have dropped off there. Did I mention lack of sleep?

Thanks to Josie from Me, Them and the Others for telling me about the parenting alphabet challenge. Now over to Claire from This Mummy Rocks and Becky from Family Budgeting.

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  • May 7, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    This is great! And so cleverly thought out! Explains parenthood in a nutshell. #itsok

  • May 23, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Good read! Such a fun challenge.Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx


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