Choosing a Name for our Second Baby

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7 Responses

  1. I found it very difficult to choose another boys name that went well with Henry without sounding too much like the royal family. In the end Leo was decided and I love it. Great post thanks for sharing x

  2. Jess hughes says:

    Do you have any that you liked 1st time around? We had x3 boy and x3 girl names

  3. Choosing a name is very hard, we really struggled first time round and then second time round we were also having the same gender and struggled even more. Good luck finding the right name.

  4. wraemsanders says:

    I struggled a lot with all three of my kids’ names. They got names that aren’t too uncommon but not horrible to deal with. Only one is shortened. Good luck!

  5. We are going through the EXACT SAME TROUBLE! Also having the same gender and my husband is extremely picky. It is so hard as we want to find a name that we love as much as our first daughter’s. Good luck to both of us! 😁

  6. Choosing names for kiddos can be so hard! We have 3 boys and decided to have a common theme between them. Love it!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday! 🙂

  7. csuhpat1 says:

    I just picked names I liked my second kid. I wanted something cool but unique that is why I named him Geoffrey.

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