Parents holding a baby's shoe for the choosing a baby's name post

Choosing a Name for our Second Baby

It’s getting really close to the wire and we’re yet to decide on a name for our second baby. First time round wasn’t easy but we eventually came to a decision for each gender with time to spare before the birth. This time round is proving more...

Baby lying down with cushion aid for maternity - expectation versus reality post

Maternity Leave: Expectation vs Reality

I worked up till a week before my due date, in the height of summer, so I was more than ready to start my maternity leave. I was looking forward to having more time to spend on me, baby and those projects I have been putting off....

A woman with arms in the arm free from broken chains - representing the lamb breaking us free from chains

Lion and the Lamb – Music Monday Musings #4

When Lion and the Lamb by┬áLeeland was introduced in our church, I fell in love with it both musically and lyrically. For the former, it’s quite catchy as it follows the pattern of most modern Christian Music – starting off slow then the tempo takes off in...