Pregnancy Update Week 20 - Halfway There

Pregnancy Update Week 20 – We’re Halfway There

If you’re not aware, Baby G2 is due this year. Eeeek! Woooo! Aaarrghh! Yaaaay! Crazy times with 2 under 2 lies ahead. So how has it been so far?

Pregnancy update at Week 20 - Halfway there with second pregnancy

First Trimester

As with Baby G1, I haven’t had any debilitating symptoms just the usual list:

  • Extreme tiredness – I wanted my bed by 8pm latest but this didn’t really affect my non-existent night life
  • Nausea without vomiting – I know how bad this can be for some so I feel really blessed that the nausea didn’t follow-through
  • Bloating – I was half convinced twins were in there as I looked really pregnant very early on. Even the other half agreed so it wasn’t all in my head
  • Loss of appetite – I survived on biscuits and  breakfast cereal for a few weeks. Oops!
  • Aversions –  I went off chunks of meat especially  chicken. Weirdly I was fine with mince meat and breaded chicken
  • Only drank fizzy water – I couldn’t stand the taste of plain water but the bubbling sensation of fizzy water seemed to do the trick. I’m glad I found this out as I would have been stuffed for hydration options (my pregnancy drinks catalogue consists of water and hot chocolate)
  • Irritated by little things – Jeans without an elasticated waistband, husband just being himself, life, the universe etc
  • Sensitive boobs – not great with a recently weaned toddler who had yet to forget his milk source and bosom pillow.

You’d think that all of the above and my double test would be enough evidence of my conception but no, I still had irrational moments of doubt. Waiting 7 weeks for the scan was torture really. I suppose I could have taken a 3rd test but it still wouldn’t be medical proof. I’m glad we told family and close friends quite early on so we could at least talk about it, giving it a degree of realism.

First scan was very surreal! The images were so clear on the screen and baby looked huge but no twins! Baby G1 came with us and halfway through wanted to join mummy in bed haha!

Second Trimester

Tiredness, nausea and loss of appetite has subsided but:

  • Pregnancy insomnia has well and truly kicked in. I’m currently writing this at 3am!
  • I’m still huge leading to interesting ways of people saying that I’ve got big quickly.
  • Food-wise, I’ve moved on from biscuits to ice cream
  • The leg cramps have started. When stretching in bed leads to in bed absolutely agony for a few minutes my leg muscles seize up
  • The one unexpected symptom is the aching shoulders. I’m a back/front sleeper so I’ve got the pillows to help with the side sleeping but my shoulders ache so badly when I wake up
  • I’ve felt movements so much earlier than I was expecting and they tend to occur at unexpected moments
  • The middle-of-the-night hunger pangs have also started so I will be annoying The Growing Dad by having crumbs in bed hehe

Second scan was even more magical. I welled up when we saw baby sucking his thumb and yawning! We also now know the gender. The Sonographer kindly added the “evidence” our photo strip as I asked him to check twice so that’ll be a nice one for the family album!

I haven’t had much downtime to truly marvel at the miracle growing in me as my adorable toddler is keeping me busy. I’ve still got some way to go, so maybe I’ll find time to stare at my belly or get the nursery in order (haha!) once we’ve decided on where the nursery is going.


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