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Making and Saving Money

My Quick and Easy Ways to Spend Less and Save More Money

Those who know me well will attest of my bargain-hunting ways but January can still be a very long month after the Christmas splurge. So here are some quick ways I’ve tried to save money until payday without severely cutting my creature comforts.

  1. Compare prices
    I do a quick online search before making most purchases just in case there are cheaper retailers of the product. Depending on what it is, I still try to go for a known brand for reassurance.
  2. Try new or different brands
    I’m always up for experimenting with new products if the main difference to my usual selection is just the brand. It doesn’t have to be store brand either as new items on the shelves may have a promotion to grab your interest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not snobby about own brand items but not all offerings are of comparable quality.
  3. Check the pre-loved market
    Buying pre-loved does not necessarily mean buying bad quality hand-me-downs. I’ve acquired new or newly items from selling sites such Gumtree and Facebook groups and it only takes a few minutes of research.
  4. Change food shopping methods
    Choosing whether to shop online or in store varies week by week for me. However if I want to spend less, I opt for online groceries shopping as it reduces the temptation of added extras ending up in my trolley.  This year I’m being more consistent with meal planning and shopping list creation which has helped reduce our food cost even further.
  5. Curb the extras/change their frequency
    I’m a terrible snacker and often buy extras when at work. This month, I’ve tried to reduce my daily snack trips by drinking more water when I get a craving and it’s also healthier! The Growing Dad has even reduced his coffee shop trips. Those things are expensive!
  6. Check subscriptions
    I found out that my network offers a great international calling pack for 5 times less than my current package. Which wasn’t the case the last time I checked! I’m now looking at what else I’m paying over the odds for. This reminds me of when The Growing Dad subscribed to both Amazon Prime and Netflix!
  7. Buy quality items
    Strangely, I’ve only just come to the realisation that buying a pair of good quality blue jeans for example, makes more sense in the long run than 5 pairs of jeans in different shades of blue which collectively won’t last as long. This is the first January in a long time that I haven’t amassed a sales haul. Instead I’m using the opportunity to pay less than half the price for items for quality items.
  8. Make food last longer
    I’ve gotten into the habit of extending our meal reach by doing simple things like:
    – cooking a double portion of the one pot meals
    – ordering extras in a takeaway so there are leftovers for lunch or another dinner (mmmm cold pizza)
    – looking up recipes to use up ingredients that are lurking in the fridge like when I made carrot hummus
  9. Get cashback or a discount
    I check sites like TopCashback and Quidco to check whether a retailer offers cashback. I also do quick search for any valid discounts like free delivery or a certain percentage off. It’s “free” money if I am going to spend anyway.
  10. Do I need it?
    If it does not address an immediate need then I leave it a few days before buying. Chances are I will probably forget about it and so won’t miss it all.

What quick and easy ways have you found to save money without compromising too much on your lifestyle?

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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Spend Less and Save More Money - The Growing Mum


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