The Reason Why I Sing – Music Monday Musings #3

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8 Responses

  1. Donna Miller says:

    I’ve always wished I could sing. Don’t get me wrong … I still sing, loud and joyfully, but I don’t think anyone else feels joy to hear me lol. I do paint as one of my ways to worship Jesus. God is so good! Bless you my Sister! ❤

  2. Christina says:

    I always loved that song because ultimately God is the reason for our singing and giving us something to sing about. PRAISE GOD! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Julie says:

    I love to sing and also listen to music. There’s just a soul release for me when I can sing out my emotions!

  4. InsomnoMom says:

    This song is so cheery and chirpy. We sing it fairly often at church. I’ve always like it.

  5. tannah2017 says:

    I wish I could sing beautifully. While I do not have a gorgeous voice, I do find singing can change my mood, calm my spirit, and bring me to a new time of worship with the Lord. Sometimes lyrics can speak volumes where as words can be difficult to understand.

  6. Thank you for the reminder to sing! Rarely do I sing anymore except for Sunday mornings; I think I need to change my tune 😉

  7. KellyRBaker says:

    I love to sing! You listed some great biblical reasons why we should. Great post!

  8. Robbi says:

    Love this! Music is such a powerful thing. Many times song lyrics express what I cannot. And yes, it is such a great way to unify the body. Thanks for sharing!

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