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Pancakes From Around the World and My Favourite Toppings

I absolutely love Pancakes and I eat them all year round. So you can imagine my amazement when I found out that the in-laws tend to eat them around Pancake Day only and with just lemon and sugar!

Nigerian Pancakes

I remember my mum making pancakes when I was little but it was quite different to the pancakes I have now. The batter ingredients include onion, nutmeg, pepper and condensed milk. The end result is an amazing savoury goodness. I think I remember having an omelette as a topping but I will verify with this with my mum.

Nigerian pancake with onions and pepper
Picture and recipe from Dobby’s Signature

American Pancakes

My next exposure to Pancakes was of the sweet fluffy variety.  I wasn’t sure about their size at first – why would you do tiny pancakes? But as I have always been served them as a stack, this is something I can live with. They go with sweet and savoury toppings so on a pudding day, I go for the ice-cream option. Otherwise it’s bacon all the way with only a small amount of syrup though as the pancake is sweet enough already.

American Pancakes with Bacon, Blueberry and Syrup at The Growing Mum

British Pancakes

The first time you come across them (depending on your pancake background), you will be very taken aback. It’s the most basic thing I have ever seen or “classic” if you prefer. It is very thin and tasteless version and is traditionally only had with lemon and sugar which does nothing for it. However, due to its bland nature, it lends itself to all manner of toppings and it’s size means you can stuff it as much as you want. So I know love it. My favourite topping combination is banana, bacon and chocolate spread. The sweet and savoury just complement each other really nice and the chocolate brings then together. I also use the pancakes as a wrap substitute when I forget to buy wraps!

British Pancakes - The Growing Mum

Japanese Pancakes (Okonomiyaki)

I stumbled across this while looking for a recipe to use up cabbage and it’s been in our menu repertoire ever since. It’s a savoury pancake with cabbage (obviously), bacon and whatever veggies you feel like using up really. Mine never quite looks like this but you get the idea. It’s an amazing dinner option and perfect for a light summer’s meal.

Japanese Pancakes Okonomiyaki - The Growing Mum
Picture and recipe from Roti n Rice

French Pancakes (Crêpes)

Crêpes are similar to British pancakes. In fact, I am not sure what the differences are – perhaps they are larger? I have only had them as a dessert with cream, fruit and ice-cream though I am pretty sure there are savoury options available as well.

French Crepes - The Growing Mum

Enough about my pancake addiction – what is your favourite pancake and topping combination?


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