Pancakes From Around the World and My Favourite Toppings

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  1. Anca says:

    I’ve made Okonomiyaki, crepes and thick American pancakes, but I’m yet to try the Nigerian ones. Those look very interesting.

  2. jenny says:

    I grew up with ‘British’ pancakes and love them. We only ever have them on Pancake Day with a sprinkle of lemon and sugar. Delicious.

  3. I grew up enjoying British pancakes on pancake day. I love the traditional lemon and sugar but also love them with strawberries and nutella.

  4. trinimamabebe says:

    Im so excited its pancake day. I am the sweet pancake eater that loves nothing more then covering them in nutella or golden syrup but I may try a savoury version this year

  5. ceearrbooknerd says:

    American pancakes look more like Scotch pancakes. 🙂 RVHT.

    • The Growing Mum says:

      I didn’t know they were different things but you (and subsequently Google) have enlightened me. Thank you

  6. Heather Keet says:

    Hubster loves pancakes more than any other breakfast food in the world. We eat A LOT of them! Now I can give him some new flavors to try! #GlobalBlogging

  7. Emma says:

    We tend to eat a lot of American pancakes as I’m married to a yank. There are Dutch pancakes too which are thicker and I have had savoury and sweet.

    • The Growing Mum says:

      Never heard of Dutch pancakes. I’m definitely check them out. We are having a few friends over on Sunday for pancakes so hoping to lay out a variety 🙂

  8. Accidental Hipster Mum says:

    Those Japanese pancakes look amazing! I NEED to try some!

    Thank you for linking up to #RVHT, sorry about the unexpected break, I’ve had (still have) tonsilitis, but the linky will be back tonight!

  9. emmamc84 says:

    Seriously mouth-watering. Those Japanese pancakes look really yummy and pretty too. I love making pancakes for special occasions. I make American style and then make my own blueberry syrup sauce.

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