Tidy Tot with Our Messy Tot: Review

Feeding babies is messy! And that’s without throwing baby-led weaning into the mix – which I did! When offered the chance to review the tidy tot kit, I instantly jumped at it. I just had to find out whether it lived up to the claimed expectations.

What’s a Tidy Tot

It’s a tray and bib combo that aims to keep the food mess away from high chair crevices, most of your child and the floor. The tray surrounds the child and the sleeved bib attaches to it via velcro. This means there isn’t a gap between the chair and the child. Sounds good so far! So we put it to the test during the happy and not-so-happy toddler moods.

The Bib

We’re already fans of sleeved bibs. Gone are the days of changing his top after each meal. The tidy bib has velcro at the bottom to attach it to the tray. The velcro has a covering strip which stops it sticking to everything within touching range – especially in the washing machine. It also uses velcro to fasten at the back round the neck. Fabric and just general finish is amazing quality.

The Tray

This was the unknown element. It is foldable – amazing for storing away and transporting. When expanded, it covers quite a large area – perhaps a bit too large – but as it’s not a permanent fixture I could possibly live with it. The structure seems rigid enough but still manoeuvrable though I’m anxious that the toddler may exploit its flexibility when he’s having one of those days. It has 2 suction discs for sticking to the high chair which should hopefully minimise the risk of ending up on the floor.

The Kit in Action

Tidy tot bib and tray being used by toddler

Toddler is a stickler for routine so he was very suspicious of this new gadget. Once we made a song and dance about it, he was willing to give it a go. He absolutely loved it. Swiftly tipped his plate of food on the tray then ate off it. Typical! Most of the mess was contained in the tray and bib. Some did make it on the floor during a tantrum-y moment! The tray and bib are easy to wipe off too. The suction discs don’t stay on for the whole meal but maybe it’s my inability to do it properly.

The Verdict

The sleeved bib is amazing! I’m planning to use them until he refuses bibs or it no longer fits. Whichever comes first. The tray keeps food away from the chair crevices and most of his body. I’m yet to find a gadget for the face mess!

On the flip side, my little one could easily pull off the tray if he put his mind to it so it’s probably more suitable for up 1 year olds or very mild-mannered kids. I’ll store the tray away for weaning number 2 which isn’t far off.ย  ย Secondly, the tray takes up quite a bit of space making it a tad awkward at the dining table. Even in the kitchen, I have to squeeze past it! I’m not sure it’s enough to convince my other half to move to a bigger house just yet. And my last niggle is the creases on the tray material! How do they get it straight for their photos on their website?

The tidy tot kit is of great quality and the bib has washed well so far! I’ll definitely be getting more of the bibs though it would have been amazing if two were included in the kit.

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10 thoughts on “Tidy Tot with Our Messy Tot: Review

  1. What a fab idea. It does look a little on the large side so I couldn’t imagine using this in Pizza Express but I think it’s a great idea for really messy kids.

    1. So true! There’s barely enough space to move in some restaurants let alone have an extended table surface ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. This is a brilliant idea! My best mate has a little one that could definitely do with this. Tbh thereโ€™s some meals that I could do with something like this (sticky ribs!) haha!

  3. This is great! I always have the top covered but always end up having to change his trousers or spend ages wiping down the seat after meal times!

  4. Weaning really is just such a messy business and I’m so glad we’re past it! I can totally see how this would be beneficial for littler tots.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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