Pregnancy Test Baby Number 2 - The Growing Mum
Baby G2

We’re Expecting … Again 


Our first cheeky chappy has recently turned 1! He’s quickly becoming a toddler before our eyes but I want him to stay as a baby. This makes Baby G2’s timing scarily perfect.

We’ve been casually trying for a few months now, so when I took the test, my expectations were not at its highest. But there it was, after a couple of minutes, the 2nd, quite faint, pink line. I practically ran out to the nearest shop to get 2 more tests for absolute confirmation, after drinking a fair amount of water so my urinary system would be ready to go.

It was the longest walk to a Superdrug that I’ve ever done. I needed moral support but my mum wasn’t picking up so the husband was my next port of call. In hindsight, with our wedding anniversary so close by I shouldn’t have mentioned it but I’d had enough of shouldering this monthly emotional burden alone. He asked whether he could be excited yet and I allowed him 1% until I confirmed.

After finally getting through to my mum, she was overjoyed and revealed that she’d been praying for this child. I got the test, walked home a bit more slowly to try and prepare myself for the worst, did the deed and the 2nd line appeared almost instantly this time. I sent a picture to my mum and husband. Husband was confused as without any accompanying text, he had no idea whether it was positive so his first response was hilarious then the excitement followed. I was initially elated then this sudden wave of sadness hit me as I stared at my first baby. How will he react? Will he feel less loved? Will I cope with an active toddler and a helpless baby simultaneously? Has my body recovered from the first labour? Will I ever sleep again? Is this just the hormones playing havoc with my mind?

Fortunately, I don’t get the chance to dwell on these thoughts for long as life is keeping me busy but they do pop into my mind every so often. I’m sure God has a grand plan in place but an occasional sneak peek would be appreciated.


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