Why The Temporary Social Media Blackout and Announcement?

Different social media icons to illustrate social media blackout - facebook, pinterest, youtube, twitter, instagram, google plus, rss feedsI’ve noticed a growing trend in people giving up* social media for a short period of time, like a month or so, usually because it’s time-consuming and they’re neglecting the real world. To top things off, many make an announcement before their temporary exit leading to lots of interaction which they ignore because it would be ironic spend time responding.

*deleting/deactivating their account rather than just not using it

I may be revealing too much of my cynical side here but wouldn’t it be more beneficial in the long term to disassociate permanently or make some changes to minimise time spent on it? The term “conscious uncoupling” springs to mind here. My main issue with the break is: what do you do when it’s over?! Make a comeback, then carry on as normal? Vow to be less active when all you’ve done so far is be very active for a long time then briefly inactive? Don’t forget the “I’m back” announcement too! Cue the “well done”, “glad to have you back” messages.

I wholeheartedly see the need to curtail the use of social media as it has the potential to take over every part of our lives. I’ve gone through several ups and downs with it myself. From the cringey youthful updates to wasting hours reading other people’s drivel just to find one useful piece of information. Before apps became enforced on many platforms, I tackled my need to refresh feeds by switching on daily email notifications, which removed the need to check-in so often. However, during those early morning baby feeds, I found myself slowly getting back into it but without posting anything myself as we’d decided to keep the baby updates to a minimum.  Knowing that I may have to address this once baby became more aware, I now choose to go through a browser if possible, making it more of a conscious decision to access it. This also addresses the issue of instant notifications. Unfortunately, some platforms only exist in app form but I’m barely on those anyway.

Now that I’ve started blogging, I am getting more involved in social media interactions so I sympathise with anyone who has to use it for work when actively to be less online. A temporary social media blackout would probably not achieve much so if it gets out of hand, I will either stop using it altogether or set some restrictions in place. Stopping for a month makes no sense to me! Maybe I just need to work up the courage to respond to one of these “announcements” and tell them to at least refrain from broadcasting their return if they want to maintain a low profile haha! Don’t get me started on people who claim to hate social media but access it through their partner’s account!

Thank you for your lovely comments. I feel I should clarify that my semi-rant is not really for those pre-warning about limited or no access, say if travelling somewhere remote.

Different social media icons to illustrate social media blackout - facebook, pinterest, youtube, twitter, instagram, google plus, rss feeds
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8 thoughts on “Why The Temporary Social Media Blackout and Announcement?

  • February 26, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Hi There! I

    found you on the Mommy Moments Linkup. I just returned from a blogging and social media break myself but I didn’t announce it – only because I didn’t have the foresight to know to do so. I just went off line and came back with an “I’m back” announcement so people would know why the prolonged silence (because absence for no reason is weird).

    I didn’t break because it was taking over my life or I needed to get a grip on it. I did a blogging, social media and TV fast for spiritual reasons. (My kids joined in the TV fast.) I wanted to quiet all the white noise to better discern God’s voice. And it was pure bliss!!

    Looking back, I definitely would have announced previously so that people know I’m not being rude when I don’t respond to their social media messages, etc. Also, If a person announces their going off line, the people who respond know that their message will not be seen or responded to. Remember that in blogging you develop community and friendships, and your friends want to know what’s going on with your life. It’s fun to share (and pretty smart to leave a blogging post or social media message saying your off grid when people come to check in on you – like an answering machine that says your on vacation, etc.).

    I agree with you that taking a social media break because it’s consuming your life and not addressing the reasons why or making the necessary adjustments to fix it is not beneficial in the long run. But taking a break because you just feel the need, etc can be very beneficial.


    • February 26, 2018 at 3:04 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely indepth comment. That does sound like pure bliss and how did you get the kids to join in? I completely understand announcing if your account is still going to be active like when people travel to remote areas or need to concentrate on other things for a while. I guess I’m referring to those who deactivate their account as well so you won’t see it to send a message. There’s also no guarantee that everyone will see your announcement either so private messages to your beloved would probably work better.

      • February 26, 2018 at 3:25 pm

        You know what -TV has been the “elephant in the room” that our family has needed to address since forever – as Christians. My husband and I are on slightly different pages as to what we watch (but he is still on a solid Christian page – I just happen to be more conservative than him regarding programming). So I just decided at the beginning of the new year that me, my 10 and 13 year old girls would take a TV break. When I decided that my girls didn’t like it AT ALL, but of course they went along. My husband continued to watch TV shows on his phone. But at least it wasn’t playing in our living room. (I dismantled the TV and put it away!)

        To be honest, because of my conviction – not the TV break – I don’t watch TV much at all. But I can’t say the same holds true for my girls. (They don’t watch TV during the week, they watch age appropriate shows on the weekend.) However, the time away, coupled with my convic helped me to create a

        BTW: Social media is a monkey on my back and I wish it was not necessary to grow my blogging platform and reach. I almost consider it a necessary evil. 🙂

  • February 27, 2018 at 3:57 am

    I agree! There has to be some sort of balance. I was already on instagram enough as it is, and then once I started blogging, it is ALL.THE.TIME. Learning each day to set limits and stick to them.

  • February 27, 2018 at 9:53 am

    I have made no secret of my hatred for Instagram and its awful algorithms, and slowly falling out of love with all social media – which sucks as I’m about to start fulltime blogging!!
    Some people announce a break to gauge if people would actually miss them on social media, some do it for attention, and some do it just to keep people in the loop.
    I’m likely to have a break when on maternity leave with the twins, but I’m hoping to schedule some posts but it will all be blog/business related. nothing personal of me, ben, hubby or the newborns – unless I get so bored of the lack of sleep I cave!

  • February 28, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    I think people feel that it’s easier to just give it up than to set limits, but I think that simply setting limits sets a better standard for real everyday life. This was a great read!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWedneday with Confessions of Parenting!

  • March 2, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I can sympathize with your feelings. I’ve picked up my social game as well when I started blogging. I have learned to set limits – meaning I have set times of the day where I check in. I set the timer on my phone and when it goes off I’m done. It has caused me to be more intentional with who I interact with and I feel much better too. I love the idea of a social media fast – sounds powerful!


  • March 2, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    I have a blackout for a few hours or an evening if I have other plans but not sure I could be away from social media for long! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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